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Mobile Life Open House Event, March 4th

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This is a small reminder for those of you who have not registered yet to Mobile Life Open House Event.

Time: March 4th
Place: We start with registration in Aulan in Forumhuset, Kista, Stockholm, DSV at 14.30
Presentations start at 15.30.

Among all things that will happen this afternoon, we are pleased to present William Gaver as our keynote speaker.
And do not miss the panel discussion Mobile Glasnost lead by Lars Erik Holmquist!
For more detailed information, invitation and registration, please visit: www.mobile-life.org

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Facebook and YouTube Five Years from Now

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TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington asks YouTube CEO Chad Hurley and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg what their respective companies may look like five yearfrom now.

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App Stores – Unleashing the mobile potential or building yet more barriers

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At 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona last week a number of initiatives were announced to meet or copy the success of the iPhone.
There are new fantastic UIs, big touch screens and each device with an app store. Looking at the agendas of operators, device manufacturers and games providers etc., I can conclude that many would like to capitalise on their position and now see the app stores as an interesting way to be part of the new mobile trend.
But don’t they miss part of the point here? Is it just to set up an app store and dress the old phone in a new nice UI/touch screen rapping?

If we extrapolate the present trend we end up in a situation with a lot of app stores but does this really meet the needs of the end user and the content providers?
Do we expect end users to accept that whatever apps I buy and install they are lost when I change device manufacturer?
And what about the content providers, do we expect them to make one version of there application for each different operating system?
Even a player like Facebook, (see the clip from Davos) complain about the situation and can’t accept this situation. The new app store hysteria will thereby build yet another barrier for really getting the true potential out of the mobile.

Only few players will have the incentive to be on all these app store and to do what’s necessary to manage this. Then we miss one key element to make the new mobile services valuable to the end user, being that I want to choose my content and applications independently of device brand or operator.
As all these app stores will be based on a number of operating systems, this will for sure limit the application and content richness.
To really get the true value out of the mobile more or less the full long-tail of content has to be available and to make that happen it has to be easy and efficient for content providers to get their stuff out on all mobile platforms.
There is a need for device and operator independent solutions to really unleashing the potential, but unfortunately the present development seems quite the opposite.

UMI seminar at Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre

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On Wednesday February 18th 2009, the research center Mobile Life in Stockholm/Kista organised a seminar with Martin Vendel and Bo Karlson.

The seminar entitled “The Universal Mobile Interface: A key concept for unleashing the Mobile Internet” was visited by researchers from Mobile Life, Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS) and Interactive Institute, among others Professor Kia Höök, Professor Lar Erik Holmquist, PhD Annika Waern and PhD Stina Nylander.

Universal Mobile Interface: A key concept for unleashing the Mobile Internet

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Seminars at Wireless@KTH

Date: 2009-02-13
Time: 14:30
Location: Isafjordsgatan 26, Electrum building, floor 3, Kista
Speaker: Dr. Martin Vendel and Dr. Bo Karlson, Squace AB

This presentation is focused on a new type of software designed to overcome critical barriers to the use of Internet over the mobile phone. The concept is denoted Universal Mobile Interface, UMI. UMI has some unique characteristics which enable a potential to become truly viral, especially as it is applied independently of operator and device. UMI acts as a personal mobile Internet browser, but also includes features such as messaging and contacts.

Read more at: http://www.wireless.kth.se/news_and_events/view_event.php?event_id=400

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