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A summary of mobile Internet (browser) experience of today.

Posted in UMI by universalmobileinterface on March 2, 2009

One of the usability legends, Jakob Nielsen, has put together this well worth reading summary of mobile Internet (browser) experience of today. The simple conclusion is that – we are back in 1998. The mobile web experience of today is like the desktop web experience back in the late 90s. The last nine (9) years of development has in fact only lead to four (4) years worth of progress in mobile user experience. Not that efficient! And if the mobile web of today is at the level of the wired web in 1998, the handsets themselves are just 2-4 years behind the computer in terms of performance. In short – a gap of 4-6 years in user expectations.

Jakob, I do agree on most things, but the solution is not to create mobile web versions of every site and service. “That will not solve the issue – How do you get to the site (you have to know the URL and then tap a lot – tap, tap, tap), or if you find something of interest on that site – How do you share that with a friend?


useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website

“Article in Swedish from the “Mobile Business idg.se“)


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